FIFA 17 Might not be the best FIFA ever made!

Well, the excitement about FIFA 17 is big at this time, specially after the demo release. But, for the FIFA modders, the change of graphical engine to Frostbite might be a headache.

Let me explain it:

Most of Electronic Arts games used a filesystem in which the files were zipped inside a .big file. To index the files inside the .big, there was a header file (.bh and other, in older games). These .big files were (and still are) easy to open and patch. So, you can extract the desired file, mod it and put it inside again. Or, you could erase the flag inside the corresponding .bh file, enabling the game to search inside the game folders, and not more inside .big files. This way, the mods could be easily made and distributed. This filesystem was used even after many changes of graphical engine. Until now, with Frostbite.

As soon as I downloaded the demo, I played my first matches and The Journey, and then I started to look into FIFA 17 demo files. In this exact moment, I realized that modding will be a difficult path this year. All my plans to make overlays and share my knowledge about them, have gone. I was so excited after seeing the new overlays.

FA Cup lineup overlay FIFA 17Reus stats overlay FIFA 17

Surfing SoccerGaming forums, I saw people talking about give up on FIFA, since they have no more time or are too old to start over. I share almost the same thought. I'm not too old to modding not even I'm giving up, but my projects for FIFA 17 will be delayed with this change. Modders are already trying to understand and make the first mods, using Battlefield and Dragon Age: Inquisition  tools. They already found the .lua and .rx3 (some graphics and 3d models) files in FIFA 17 memory.

See, I'm not complaining about Frostbite, it's amazing. The change to this engine made FIFA even better! But this new filesystem will be a difficult barrier to be transposed and the modding community will face some troubles until there. Also, there are some rumors that FIFA 17 is modding-proof, which means, the mods will not be loaded by the game, even if the headers flags were marked. As I said, they are only rumors.

I will try to looking into FIFA 17 demo files to find some overlays files. Hope they keep the same (or similar) structure. I'll keep you informed.

See you!